Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Journalists are worried about dysfunctions and confrontations. Today, dozens of Afghan journalists launched a litigation campaign on social networks under name of Hashtag “#Stop_misusing_Afghan_Journalists” The reporters claim that seemingly journalistic advocates are trying to use the name and identity of reporters. They believe that this situation has made Afghanistan one of the most dangerous countries for media activities worldwide.

One of the journalists who refuses to get his name for reasons of immunity believes that reporters have been marginalized and that unfair trading is in progress. “There are dozens of problems that are currently blocking the work of all media activists and journalists in Afghanistan,” the reporter said. “If a shout would be raised by us, media outlets top management threaten us that they would fire us from our work, and if we complain to the media advocacy organizations than 100 percent we have evidence that they give documents to media outlets and they would fire us from our work. There are also some other things that have added to problems like mountains. ”

But NAI, an advocate of free media in Afghanistan, believes that fundamental work has been done by the Federation of Journalists and has been instrumental in pushing for the government. “The fundamental work of the journalists’ federation, the adoption of media law in the region, the adoption of a bill of imminent journalists that will be finalized shortly, and dozens of other issues are big things that have kept up as media gains, by these federations” said Mujib Khelwatgar in an interview with Pasbanan News Agency.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Khelwatgar has said that protesting against wrongdoings are a right for journalists and emphasized: “There may be problems in the work of media defending institutions and the Federation of Journalists. As journalist advocacy and freedom of speech supporters, we are in favor of journalists protesting, but our fundamental concern is that these protests do not lead to the destruction of the tools of pressure on the government and the parties to fight so that reporters do not see serious harm. ”

But Afghan journalists are wary of the fact that the efforts of journalistic institutions to defend them are small, and their impunity is completely questionable. In addition, the reporters are protesting the creation of a Journalist trust fund, saying that without transparency, the funds contained in this process is misused and the fund is in hands of those who are in charge of its leadership, but reporters who have died or been wounded haven’t seen any advantage of this trust fund.

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