Pasbanan- Kabul:

While for ending violence Taliban fighters have shown a green light to the Afghan government, one day before Pakistan army chief of staff entered Kabul to meet and discussed “Afghanistan- Pakistan Action Plan for peace and solidarity” with Afghanistan high ranking officials. In his visit, Pakistan army chief of staff said that peace and stability in Afghanistan will cause peace and stability to Pakistan. This Pakistani general also emphasized that Islamabad respects Afghanistan sovereignty, and they will support the country with all political, Military and economic tools to fight terrorism and force Taliban fighters to set in the negotiation table with the Afghan government.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan Chief Executive has hoped in this meeting that soon both sides would be able to implement “Afghanistan- Pakistan Action Plan for peace and solidarity” proposal, he has also underlined that this structure will give a new opportunity to fight against terrorism. Mr. Abdullah is also optimistic that this option will build confidence between Kabul and Islamabad, he has also underscored, that Afghanistan is not recognizing good or bad terrorists but at the same time Afghans are trying to implement a political solution for Afghanistan crisis. Once again he said that wrong policy of two countries can’t benefit two countries, and for peace and stability and also providing a new change in the region two countries must change their attitudes toward each other. Afghanistan CEO has also emphasized that two sides must send a specific message to Taliban and other terror groups that violence in the country is not the solution for ending this crisis.

Meanwhile, after announcing cease-fire between the Afghan government and Taliban, the insurgent group was able to capture a district and also kill at least 30 Afghan Military men in the first day of the cease-fire.


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