Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

A number of civil activists and citizens of Kabul are urging execution to the perpetrators of the incident following the killing of Mahsa by kidnappers. The protesters say: “Litigation has been launched today to prevent such crimes from happening again, and the fate of other children is not like Mahsa.”

Protesters continue to emphasize: “If today’s child is not being prosecuted, all the capitals will suffer the same fate. We need to continue this litigation until the perpetrators of the incident are hanged, just as they killed Mahsa in a terrible and innocent manner. To give this lesson to others who do this. ”

“The incident is a shameful shame for justice and justice institutions that are corrupted, we are confident that if these institutions are to reduce corruption and punish the perpetrators of the incident, the citizens of the country,” said the protesters, criticizing the country’s judiciary system. They will never fall into this event. ”

Mahsa was 6 years old and she was killed by kidnappers last night when her family failed to deliver the money as the kidnappers requested. The murder of this child has now brought a new wave of protests, and the citizens of the country are demanding the execution of these criminals using social networks.

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