Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Kabul today faces with snowfall, and once again, the smile and joy of the citizens of the country’s capital has appeared. They all go out into the streets to express their passion for taking snow photos, Kids celebrate snow throwing with their favorite snow games. While the Kabul people complain about air pollution, they say the cause of all the illnesses in the country is polluted environment, but maybe the falling of these snow would solve the problems of the people.

The capitals have taken the first snowfall in Kabul and they hope that these snowstorms will work to prevent decrease of water and drought from falling throughout the country. In that case Mohammad Kazem Homayoun, the head of environment in Kabul, said: “The loss of this snow can offset the bumps, but these can be dangerous in the future, groundwater is damaged, so snow can be a serious threat to groundwater; hence, we urge the government to make clean water for groundwater.

However, Khalid, a resident of Kabul, says: “I am taking the snowing of Kabul to the horoscope, and I wish snow and rain could end the variety of diseases and droughts in the country. And along with it, this snowstorm reduces the drought, in particular, preventing groundwater from drying up.

Imran, another resident of Kabul, says: “I am glad that snow is in Kabul and some other provinces of Afghanistan today, and God willing, this snow continues.”

Snowfall in the capital and provinces of Afghanistan was announced when the United States Meteorological Agency (AVIRA) announced Afghanistan one of the most polluted countries a month ago.

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