Kabul- Pasbanan:

Around 1 pm of Thursday afternoon Kabul was evident of rocket attacks from unspecific area. Hashmatullah Satnekzay, Kabul police spokesman told Pasbanan Media group: “these attacks were carried out around 1 pm on Thursday afternoon. According to report at least 5 rockets were fired on Afshar area of Kabul, PD 5. One rocket has targeted a residential house which has harmed 3 people including one man and 2 kids.”

It is expected that police academy in Kabul city was the main target of this terrorist attack which is located in PD 5, but no official has confirmed the issue. At the same time Kabul police commander told media: “currently they have specified the coordinates of the area and afghan Air force is trying to target the area.” Meanwhile, Jawaid Ahmad Kargar, Pasbanan reporter from the scene has claimed that these rockets were launched on Kabul PD 5 from Paghaman district. At the recent days, security treats in Kabul has increased; but up to no none of the insurgent groups has claimed responsibility for this incident.


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