Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Officials in Kabul, the Ministry of Interior and the Department of the Environment attended a news conference following an increase in air pollution in a high alert environmental situation of Kabul. At the meeting, Mahtab Alemi, Kabul’s municipal services, and environment deputy minister called the Kabul weather unbearable, stressing that the Kabul municipality had launched an action plan to fight environmental pollution and that the project was due to be launched in the country’s capital tomorrow.

“Most perpetrators and violators of the environmental and air pollution in the city are identified as homeowners, homes, baths, skylights, brick dashes and regressions,” said Miss Alemi. These people do not use smoke filters, along with the poor use of coal to cause more pollution, “the Kabul municipality official added.” Environmental offenders will be prosecuted and punished.”

Meanwhile, Ezzatullah Siddiqui, a deputy director of the National Bureau of Environmental Protection, said the capital’s environmental status is concerning, citing environmental pollution in the city as a concern, in order to ensure public order and law enforcement every influential and involved organization Will do their jobs. At the same time, government officials warn environmental violators that they will face a short-term prison sentence, a fine and a ban on their activities if they continue environmental violation. On the basis of this action plan and on the basis of the country’s penal law, environmental offenders are condemned to revoke their licenses to operate, they would be also banned from leaving the country, and to report to judicial and judiciary bodies, and their names would be publicized to the media.

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