Pasbanan- Kabul:

Kabul police commander said: this morning Kabul police arrested 5 kidnappers in PD 8 of Kabul city. Dawood Amin Commander of 101Police Zone told Pasbanan news agency: these criminals were in arresting list of Police from few months, and finally police forces were able to arrest them today. Mr. Amin also adds: the head of this kidnapping group is called fahim know us Boxer and he is resident of Kunduz province. And they were active from several months in Kabul.

According to Dawood Amin, police had seized on Pistol and also a Car type of Saracha. They were using this taxi car for kidnapping people, Kabul police commander also adds: these kidnappers were arrested in 3rd street f Kartay now of PD 8.

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