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Around 4 PM of Saturday 16 February, Kabul police arrested a woman who was stealing citizens mobile and treating them with pistols. According to a citizen who sent video to Pasbanan this incident took place in 4th District while she stole drivers mobile and treat him with her pistol. Nawid Hafizai, a resident of Kabul city raised this issue in a phone conversation with PMG by adding: “This event started when the driver realized that his cell phone is with the women. When he urged the lady to give his mobile, she puts the pistol in the driver’s throat. Then the man resists and, he was able to seize her weapon, and then she left the car and started beating the man.”

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“At first, the lady accepted that the driver’s cellphone is with her, and she will never give him his cellphones until the drive won’t return her pistol, back” Mr. Hafizai highlighted: “But when the police intervenes to solve the incident, the lady claims that the driver was willing to kidnap her and take her away with himself.”

The Kabul Police Command endorses the arrest of this lady. “The incident took place today at 4:00 PM and the police have transferred the lady and the driver to PD 4,” said Baser Mujahid, a spokesman for the Kabul police commander. He also added: “The case is currently under police investigation, and the details of the event will soon be shared with the media.”

This incident occurred in a time that daily Kabul citizens are complaining that crime level in the Kabul city have increased especially armed robbery and harassment of unarmed gunmen, but the Kabul police command says that security forces are working hard to detect and arrest these people.

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