Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Ministry of Interior has announced that Kabul police have begun attempts to arrest Mina Mangal’s former husband, Mina Mangal was killed today and she was working as an adviser to the Parliament of Afghanistan and also earlier she was working with the TV channel, Ms. Mangal was killed in the eighth district of Kabul this morning. The Kabul security head has said: “According to the claim of the family of Mina Mangal, she was murdered by her former husband.

Sayed Mohammad Roshandel, Kabul Police commander also added that Mina and her husband had controversy and hostility at the same time as they were separated and that her father statements were threatened through telephone calls, and their claim was directly above Mina’s previous husband, the police in her search It follows the case. The accused has not yet been arrested and has escaped from the area, and the police are on his way to arrest him. ”

It was said that Mina Mangal had been posted on Facebook on her Facebook page a week ago, threatened by some and the family of Mina Mangal, who was killed by her former husband Mina Mangal.

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