Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The Kabul police command announced by releasing a newsletter that police forces were able to detect and destroy a roadside mine around eight and a half Am of Sunday morning. According to the Kabul Police Headquarters Newsletter: “This mine was placed in the Kabul police fifth district in the area of the company, the goal of this mine setting was targeting of civilians. The mine was setup using cell phones, but the police destroyed it before the mine blast. ”

Meanwhile, Baser Mujahid, the head of the Kabul Police HQ Media, has stated that police also discover and destroy another mine which was placed in front of the Red Cross office in the fifth security district of Kabul. It is alleged that the mines were discovered by the police at 6:00 am. So far, no one has been arrested in connection with these two events.

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