Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Two days ago, the Pasbanan news agency released a report in which a police officer cried at the poorness of his family, he cried due to his family’s inferiority, poverty, and hunger. The soldier, who was named Sayed Baz and linked himself to the Kabul Police Reaction Force, complained that he had not been eligible for two months to take his salary, and he is the sole breadwinner of the family. Sayed Baz continued to emphasize that no one would hear his voice while he goes to officials.

Now the Kabul Police Commander has provided documents to Pasbanan Media Group, which proves these claims are unfounded. According to evidence obtained by the Pasbanan news agency, the soldier left his job two months ago. Kabul police spokesman Firdous Faramarz, in an interview with the Pasbanan, says: “This person turns himself into a tenth zone of security response, but because of the lack of literacy he was not accepted in this Police district, but as he was a soldier he was paid for the month of carrying non-attendance, Sayed Baz is dismissed because of non-attendance, his two months that he has not been salvaged due to his removal from duty.”

Meanwhile, in the latest video which belongs to Sayed Baz, he claims that the video was taken from him while he was not in good condition. “This video was recorded by someone from me that I did not have a good status, and they gave me the materials which I was drunk.” Sayed Baz said. He also states: “This video has been taken for the sake of defamation of the system and government, and then it has been published on social networks, I have no problem with any of my commanders and they have helped me a lot. Anyone who has done this is due to the deformation of the system and I ask them to erase this image. ”

Meanwhile, some sources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs say that for this person to perform extraordinary tasks in the security forces, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has given his salary and additional privileges.

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