Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

A number of Abdul Hamid Khurasani supporters blocked Kabul-Punisher Highway in connection with the arrest of Hamid Khurasani and called for his immediate release. Protesters say: “Until Hamid Khurasani is not released from prison, they will not step down and they will continue to their protest and will keep block Kabul-Punisher highway. Abdul Hamid Khurasani was arrested a week ago by security forces on the Kabul airfield road. According to Interior Ministry, Abdul Hameed Khurasani is accused of blackmailing traders, retailers, and shopkeepers, kidnapping, rape, and bullying.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hamid Khurasani’s supporters have denied these statements and say that he is not involved in criminal offenses and does not work with terrorist groups. Mr. Khurasani has also accused the government of assassinating him.

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