Pasbanan- Kabul:

After 2001 and the parable of “Democracy” in Afghanistan, residents of the capital testify to the organization of dozens of conferences held by the politicians. But in the past few years, such meetings have become a headache for Kabul citizens. The capital’s security forces mostly close the roads with large military vehicles to secure such meetings and even do not let the citizens into their homes. In the most recent case, Kabul on Thursday marks the formation of a National Rescue Coalition of Afghanistan. Just like in the past, security forces have closed the road leading to the Star hotel on the Kabul airport “Hamid Karzai International Airport” road to secure the ceremony.

Qurban Ali is one of the drivers who is seated for hours behind the car and expects the road to open. He says: “Political meetings, on the other hand, have raised problems, rather than a place that calms us and makes us hopeful for the future. I’ve been on this road for more than an hour and I want to get my passengers to their workplace. But by burning up a lot of fuel, we lost food and there is no work, and the government gave us a half bread. Even they have taken our peaceful life.”

On the other hand, a patient is sitting in the car, and she expects to get her doctor’s earliest opportunity, her name is Aseya. she says: “God honors all of our politicians and leaders, when they can understand it well, that security institutions cannot provide security in the country, and every moment the security controversy increases, why do you torment people, where do you get the politics of your games, what did you do to people? That’s what you want to make us punish. I blow the pain out of my body, but I do not know what to do, in Afghanistan, there is no rule, not a law which asks these people where you are going, what you are doing and why you’re having trouble with people. ”

Although the Ministry of Interior or the Kabul security authorities haven’t expressed their views on this issue, earlier the Ministry of Interior has told media that reason for the closure of the roads leading up to such meetings is to secure people from further security threats.

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