Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

According to reports, today, 22nd May is equal to the end of 5-year work period of the National Unity Government. A day ago, the Presidential Candidate Council announced in a news conference that the Afghan government work would be illegitimate after 22nd May, and if the president Ghani did not leave office in this day or that if he did not go along with these candidates, they would launch a massive rally and use every possible option to overthrow the government.

Reports suggest that massive protests would be launched by citizens for this purpose, but the government has closed the entire city using containers to prevent the tensions and chaos of the protests. Currently, all the roads leading to the city are closed, which, in addition to the traffic challenges for the citizens of Kabul, it have also damaged the capital’s economy.

Reports indicate that roads have now been closed to Dar-ul-Aman and other parts of the city and all gates entering Kabul have been severely monitored by the country’s security forces. The government has not yet voiced its views on this.

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