Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

After a major terrorist attack in the 16th security district of Kabul, residents of Gulbahar tower Town and local shopkeepers in the area say that they have suffered millions of Afghans have a loss while the incident took place. Rahimullah, one of the guardians of the Gulbahar town who is providing security to the local shops say that during this incident the shopkeepers have suffered a heavy financial and physical loss, he has said in an interview with Pasbanan: “Yesterday’s event brought to the people financial and psychological harm that they had to live and work around the event. At least yesterday’s event has caused residential houses heavy damages in this place due to the crumble of local residence building glasses and most of the buildings have also suffered heavy damage.”

Abdullah, who has a small hotel in the event site, says: “In the attack, millions of Afghanis have been caused financial loss to the local sellers. In addition, more than 10 local residents and several vendors have died in the attack, I was in my shop while the incident took place, I saw that heavy casualties have been in place I also got wounded in a superficial manner. In addition, the school of “Ezra Numbers 2″ has suffered huge damage and more than 50 students of the school were wounded in a terrorist yesterday’s attack. ”

The residents of the area have accused the government to neglect and misleading and insist that the inability of the intelligence unit in the security forces ranks has led to this catastrophe and, in addition to the casualties, financial losses were also inflicted to the civilians.

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