Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Kabul today witnessed the bloodiest terrorist attack. At the same time as the Taliban and US negotiating delegation in Qatar are lobbying and negotiating a peace deal on the seventh round of peace talks. More than 65 people were wounded in the incident, and several other civilians and military personnel died in this incident, that the statistics of victims are unclear. Now the victims of this terrorist attack and relatives of the victims’ families say that the Taliban will never want peace, and this group will play pretend and trick with the people. They have also said that the group is willing to victimize Afghan people with different tricks. Abdullah who is one of the victims of today’s assault on the 16th Kabul security zone, said: “In this attack, I lost my young nephew, he was a shopkeeper and was out of the house to find loaves of bread, but he was not knowing that Today is his last day of life and forever he will leave us alone. The Taliban never want peace, this group is wicked and only victimized the people for their own benefit and their foreign supports. they are victimizing those people who find their food with so many difficulties to pass the day and nights of their life.”

Ghulam Hassan is one of the wounded in today’s event. He says: “In order to get the Halal food for our family at home, we arrived early this morning and at the hotel I was working on preparing food, we were on the lookout for preparing the raw materials for the lunch, when a heavy blast occurred to the fearsome we Listened to a horrible sound In the first place, a vehicle filled with explosives exploded. The glass fabrics hit me and I felt that it was resurrected. There was dust around everywhere, and after a few moments, everyone rushed to save their life. We ask the government and the United States to stop these negotiations and please do not sacrifice us, do not make victimize of any policy otherwise, Allah will punish you all very hard for the sake of abusing us. This group will never seek peace and they are up to revenge on the excuse and every day they took the lives of innocent people. ”

The terrorist attack is happening today on Monday when the Taliban discuss talks on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, and at the same time as reports have been published that the Taliban are currently planning to begin the direct talks with the Afghan government and in upcoming two weeks They will enter the direct negotiations with the National Unity Government.

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