Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Sayed Mojtaba Sadat

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that the Moscow Peace Summit on Afghanistan would be held by up to the end of this October. Special Representative of the Russian President, Zamir Kabulov, told reporters today that the meeting might be held by the end of this month. Mr. Kabulov added: “There is a possibility that the Afghan Peace Summit would be held by the end of this month.”
Meanwhile, in late September, the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the ministry’s delegation will discuss Moscow summit hold with the Russian authorities and the would hold discussions this regard in which Taliban representatives will also be present.

But the appointment date was undetermined by the two sides. It should be noted that the Moscow summit on Afghanistan was scheduled to take place in September was delayed due to the will of the Afghan government. Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry officials had asked the countries of the region including the USA to participate in the peace talks of Moscow summit, but participation Moscow request was rejected by Washington and the Afghan government.

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