Pasbanan- Kabul:

Kamal Sadat deputy minister of information and Culture ministry for youths has called Shekaib Qaderi a young film star son of bitch in Nangarhar province. Mr. Qaderi told Pasbanan in a phone conversation: “a few groups of youths, civil activists, artists shaped convey called peace Caravan in coordination with deputy ministry of information and culture, to eastern provinces of the country. At the end of ceremony while Nangarhar governor was distributing some certificates to participants of this program, Kamal Sadat tried to give these certificates to his own people. We try to avoid distribution of this certificates, deputy minister called me son of bitch.”

Mr. Qaderi also added: “Dr. Kamal Sadat warned me that we will speak in Kabul. Also when we prevented the deputy minister from distributing certificates to some specific persons, his fans warned us that you will be targeted in the high way of Kabul- Jalalabad and they will beat all of my friends.”

With all the efforts we were unable to get statement of Dr. Kamal Sadat. Shekaib Qaderi is an award winning actor in 2017, his film me and my self was selected in the short films festival as a best film and he won the award of best man actor among 345 short films.


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