Reporter: Shaker Sangi

“The Kabul-Kandahar highway that was blocked by protesters in traffic police in (Moqor) district, now opened the highway on passengers and food vehicles.,” Ghazni Governor’s spokesman told the media this morning (Saturday, 23 Feb) Has been opened. ”

Mr. Nouri added that the provincial governorate of Kabul, Kandahar, called for mediating local elders to open a Kabul-Kandahar highway since the protests broke out in the residents of Moqor district of Ghazni province. The protesters were allowed to travel to “passenger, food, including vegetables, fruits and meat” after joint efforts by the local Ghazni administration and the elders of Moqor district.

Ghazni Governor’s spokesman also said that more than a thousand vehicles on either side of the Kabul-Kandahar highway were stopped this week, and now it has not been allowed to carry non-carriage carriers.

He also emphasized that the Ghazni local government is trying to allow these vehicles to be crossed.

The protests arise when it has recently been reported that the government plans to create seven new provinces in the country.

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