Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shakib Ahmad Zaheer

Karim Khalili, head of the Afghan High Peace Council, said the peace deal between Taliban and the Afghan government is approaching in upcoming days. Mr. Khalili, who spoke at a ceremony commemorating the death of a Shia cleric, added: “Peace is the demand of Afghanistan people and we express our gratings to the countries that have taken steps to secure peace in our country. But peace must be done with the homeowner, and any peace without the presence of Afghan citizens outside of the country will not have any positive consequences.”

While the United States Special Representative for the Afghan Peace is expected to resume talks with Taliban delegates, Mr. Karim Khalili believes that the national unity government is getting closer to peace. Mr. Khalili emphasized: “Afghanistan will not be back in its past and it will be possible to reach peace very soon. We believe that peace with the armed opposition is not a subjective concept. ”

The head of the Afghan High Peace Council, highlights that short-term peace is not afghans demands, he expresses his optimism in a time that Americans have already said that if the Taliban will give an end against Washington, they will withdraw their forces including military and civilian forces from Afghanistan in the next five years.

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