Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Saadat

Former President Hamid Karzai says the upcoming presidential election is a conspiracy and he does not believe it. Mr. Karzai, speaking at a news conference today (August 01), said that in the current situation we need peace and should be the top priority of the government over the peaceful elections.

He added that the election will be on the eve of the election and the results will bring us to a crisis in this situation. He also added that he did not accept the election.

Mr. Karzai has said he will support the presidential election when Afghanistan is independent in its own elections.

The statement comes as Afghanistan is in the midst of peace and elections.

Presidential elections are scheduled on 26 August of this year.

“I told Ghani, in the presence of the US Secretary of State, to continue the rule until you reach peace with the Taliban,” Karzai said. No one in Afghanistan wants a transitional government. “After securing the peace and holding the Jirga and amending the constitution, we will decide on the elections then.”

However, the Taliban have said they are never willing to talk to Afghan representatives. But US Special Representative for Peace Zalmay Khalilzad hopes for the Taliban to end the peace process in the next period.

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