Pasbanan- Kabul:

Afghanistan national ulama council chief said that all holly issues in the country are misused by the increase of war. He added that currently, Afghanistan has turned to the slaughterhouse.

Qiam-u-din Kashaf Afghanistan National ulama council head told media: “Taliban must abandon their war because all scared of Islam is threatened by this war. He also added that suicide attacks are forbidden, and all opposite armed groups in the country must end this bloody war in the country.”

Mr. Kashaf is concerned about the bloodshed in the country in a time that earlier 100 Islamic clerks from 57 Islamic countries come to gather in Judah of Saudi Arabia. According to the press release from this summit, all Islamic Ulamas believed that the war in Afghanistan is forbidden and all opposition groups must end this bloodshed. They also urged all neighboring countries to support Afghanistan for achieving a peaceful situation after decades of war.


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