Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Acting defense minister Assad Allah Khalid stated on his trip to Helmand that they would take seriously revenge from the Taliban, in addition to investigating the bloody attack on 215 Maywand army corps. Mr. Khalid has said: “In addition to investigating this case, we are determined to take serious revenge from the armed opposition who launched this bloody attack. During military operations, we were able to arrest at least seven people involved in the incident and one insurgent was eliminated during this operation. In case of neglect, all officials who are convicted on behalf of this incident, all of them would be brought to justice, we are trying to prevent similar attacks in the future.”

“The security and defense forces of Afghanistan are united and the same unit, which gives the responsibility for ensuring security and stability in the country as well as destruction of terrorist groups, the insurgents in Helmand have been severely suppressed, and they cannot design more extensive operations from now on,” said Interior Ministry acting head Massoud Andarabi.

As a result of Taliban attack on Maywand 215 army corps, at least 50 national army service members died and 30 others were wounded. The conflict ended after 45 hours, and the Taliban claimed that their militants were able to provide massive damage to the military camp of 215 Maywand corps. The statements were made while Defense and Interior ministry officials arrived in Helmand with Scott Miller, commander of a resolute support mission to investigate the incident closely this morning to Helmand province.

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