Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Moner Mukhtar

While the Taliban have launched widespread attacks under the name of al-Fatah operations throughout the country, in the most recent case, the acting head of Defense Ministry has claimed that insurgents were not able to achieve their goals with all their efforts. Asadullah Khalid said during the ceremony of introducing the commander of the Special Forces corps: “In the past, the enemy had a lot of movements, they were able to seize the cities and massacred people, but this year, with all the power they had, and will all the foreign support they gained, they were unable to crack down a small part of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Khalid has called on the special forces of the country that Afghan citizens are be praised of their efforts for securing security and emphasized that special forces have the ability to fight and manage the young army of Afghanistan. The acting head of defense ministry has also said that in future commandos could be senior Afghan security and defense heads and, in the current situation, they are the only force that they would save Afghanistan from this crisis.

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