Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Morteza Haidary

Mohammad Karim Khalili Afghanistan high peace council chief says that peace and the end of war in Afghanistan are somehow a process of bargaining between the two sides that something should be taken from the opposition and something should be given to them. Mr. Khalili said: “We should not be treated with slogans in peace process, every day we lose at least two hundred young people on both sides of the front, we have to put an end to this bloodshed, so we need to end the war, and in Afghanistan’s surface has come to an end. We are willing to put an end to this crisis trough national consensus. ”

Mohammad Karim Khalili further added: “Peace is a process of trade because unilateral peace will never be realized, but Afghanistan wants a dignified peace, we will never return to the Taliban regime once again, and the Taliban’s accession to the system will also doesn’t mean that they are surrendering to Afghanistan government. Now, there are sensitive situations and opportunities for peace that the government and the Taliban must take advantage of these opportunities. ”

The head of the Afghan High Peace Council continues to emphasize: “If the Taliban want to impose a Taliban regime in Afghanistan, this would be a dream of the group. Afghanistan has made progress, and all the citizens of this land stand with peace with shouting against any conspiracy. No one can afford peace, it is better for the Government and the Taliban to surrender to the legitimate demands of Afghan citizens and end the battle. ”

Mr. Khalili continues to emphasize that Afghanistan is progressing every day, but until the battle in this country ends, the progress of the citizens of this land will remain under the shadow of the battle.

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