Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

While efforts to promote peace talks have become from margin to a key point in these days, the Taliban group still seeks to increase civilian casualties using civilians as human shields. “We are worried about publishing a civilian casualty report, each of which has been the victim of civilian casualties,” said Zalmay Khalilzad, a special envoy for Afghanistan’s peace wrote on his Twitter. “The sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, neighbours and friends, their deaths have made us angry, and we stood with the citizens of Afghanistan, those who condemn their relatives and demand the end of the bloodshed in this country.”

According to the special envoy of the United States, the battle must be ended as soon as possible, because this phenomenon is ferocious. Mr Khalilzad adds: “We are seriously killing the victims of military operations. We do not target innocent people. The battle is abusive and has imposed conditions on us. When we want to prevent civilian casualties, the real solution to the cease-fire is either to reduce violence, as long as we want lasting peace.”

Meanwhile, the United States Special Envoy for Peace in Afghanistan has for the first time expressed disappointment on peace talks with the Taliban. “The Taliban say the cease-fire is not part of Taliban agenda,” he said. But Peace is the key to us. Afghan citizens have been sufficient proof of violence and want to end this battle. America stands with them and defends their rights. I am giving the Taliban a challenge that they will be appropriate if they join together with other Afghan citizens and work for peace. ”

The statement said civilian casualties dropped by 23 per cent in the first three months of the year. In contrast, civilian casualties have increased in the past few days as a result of Afghan and US air force operations.

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