Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

Zalmai Khalilzad, the US Special Representative for Peace in Afghanistan, said at the Peace Institute in Washington on Friday that we are calling for an early ceasefire in Afghanistan and has also stated that: It would be better for Afghanistan to reach a peace agreement before the elections scheduled on July.

He also added: The words of the President of the United States about his troops presence in Afghanistan have not been well understood, and their goal is not only to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In agreement with the Taliban, it has agreed on a unilateral agreement focusing on two points, The fight against terror and the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan According to Zalmai Khalilzad, the United States does not believe in the Taliban promises, and it insures that it will not be re-imposed on its territory against the United States and its allies.

Mr. Khalilzad also said that Mullah Abdul Ghani Brother, a senior Pakistani Taliban commander from Pakistan, was released on request from the United States.

Mullah Baradar has been appointed head of the political office of the Taliban in Qatar after being released from prison in Pakistan.

A number of analysts also said that his release from prison could help peace talks with the Taliban.

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