Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Kabul-Washington, in the coming weeks, witnessed a relationship full of tensions. Even government meetings were repeatedly dismissed by foreign allies because of the presence of the National Security Council advisor Mr. Hamidullah Moheb. In the latest case, the media reported that the commander of the Resolute Support Mission had left the meeting after Mr. Moheb attended the security summit in the presidential palace.

Now, it seems, Zalmai Khalilzad, the special envoy of the United States for Afghanistan peace, has been struggling to overcome these problems with NUG. In the most recent case, Mr. Khalilzad wrote on his Twitter: “This week I had good meetings with President Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan leaders inside and outside the government about our joint efforts to achieve peace in the long-standing aspirations of the Afghan people. I expect that in the coming days, I will be able to do so this work with the depth in the coming days. ”

During Zalmai Khalilzad 15-day visit to Afghanistan, Islamic and European countries, Mr. Khalilzad is trying to establish a general consensus for further coordination of Afghan peace talks. While new reports are being released, that Khalilzad and the Afghan government officials are currently attempting to establish a peace talks ne delegation to set with Taliban.

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