Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

While cutting highways across the country is one of the latest Taliban efforts to win the current battle, the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI) recently tried to protect the country’s highways, especially the Kandahar-Uruzgan highway. “Today, we had a trip to Uruzgan, we met with military and police officials, and we redefined all the defensive and aggressive strengths of these forces, and eventually we put on new operational plans for these forces,” Khushal Sadat, Deputy Security Minister wrote in a Twitter message.

Mr. Sadat continues to emphasize: “One of our key plans and operational measures will precisely protect all the highways at any cost, especially the Kandahar-Uruzgan highway. Yesterday, I also went to the Ordablagh region. The village, located in the Shah Wali Kot area, praised the Military officials and their efforts to fight the Taliban in Ramadan month. “The high ranking security officer emphasizes on serious security measures for the highways that the Taliban are trying to keep track of the highways and Cut off the southern part of the country.

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