Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Following the political confrontations in Balkh and the high-level security positions of the Interior Ministry deputy head, recently he has stated in a meeting with some of the cultural figures and youths in Kabul that police need serious engagement with the citizens of the country to provide security in Afghanistan. General Khushal Sadat wrote on his Twitter: “We believe that every citizen of this land can give a special place to the security of the people, in fact, I can say that the people themselves can play the role of police in their community and cooperate with us in preventing any violence due to public security.”

Khushal Sadat, who is considered a minor figure in the police force, is at the same time as entering the Interior Ministry, more than anything else, focusing on security throughout the country. In the most recent case, Sadat wrote on his Twitter page: We will take the fastest chance to crack down on the Taliban in most provinces.

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