Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhill

Interior Ministry Senior deputy head believes that the resistance of Special Forces Police against the Gunmen supporting Atta Muhammad Noor and the subordinates of the former Balkh commander, Ekram Sameh, represents the power of central government. General Khushal Sadat wrote on his Twitter page: “The new Balkh Police Chief, Abdul Raqib Mobarez, was introduced. We thank the Special Forces, Police, and the National Army soldiers for implementing the mandate, and they have implemented the decree of the president without any delays. We also appreciate the trust of the people, believe in your forces.”

However, one day ago, Mr. Sadat warned Gunmen under Atta Muhammad Noor and subordinates of the former Balkh commander Ekram Sameh that the Interior Ministry has been tasked for implementing the decree of a president Ghani and Raqib Mobarez the new police commander of Balkh is supported by police Special Forces, and if needed Additional forces will also be sent from Kabul to Balkh.

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