Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The cultivation, production, and trafficking of narcotics in Afghanistan are considered one of the most fundamental sources of funding for the Taliban and other terrorist groups. In the most recent case, the country’s Deputy Minister Security has announced that the Ministry of Interior will work to prevent drug trafficking and the destruction of poppy fields. Internal Affairs work has been done to increase the number of counter-narcotics forces. Khushal Sadat wrote in a Twitter message: “Yesterday, I met with the Afghan counter-narcotics forces, who are unique forces and experience, we discussed their past operations, and we plan on future operations. Soon, the number of these forces is expected to be increased and advanced equipment will be available to them. ”

“Narcotics free Afghanistan is one of our fundamental goals, and we will never allow drug traffickers to make Afghanistan a safe haven for smuggling and producing narcotics,” said the Interior Ministry’s deputy chief of security. “Drug trade is a major threat to Afghanistan and to the world. Only the generous engagement of the international community can help Afghanistan to win the fight against this Phenomena in the country.”

According to reports, with the sale of drugs from the Helmand and southwest provinces of the country, Taliban are now generating huge revenue streams to fight the security forces. It was said that this year, millions of dollars have been paid to the Taliban accounts on behalf of the trafficking of drugs, and the group has been able to purchase advanced equipment from the countries of the region from this money as well.

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