Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The interior ministry dismissed 11 deputies from their position this morning and 11 new commanders were appointed instead of these officers. Now Nusrat Rahimi, acting head of the interior ministry spokesman’s office, says the removal of these eleven Kabul security officials was neglect of duty and inattention to public security. “11 members of the Kabul security in charges were dismissed because of the shortfall in securing and increasing the crime graph in their areas,” he said. “Instead of these individuals, the soldiers were appointed with a capacity, tact, committed, competent, professionalism and experienced backgrounds. They have 90 days to provide security in their respective areas and provide people more facilities. ”

Mr. Rahimi also emphasizes that the Ministry of the Interior, is willing to have the same decision against all those Kabul police officers who are neglect, he has said the after this the intention of police would be no longer acceptable and Interior ministry will look to dismiss them. “Newly-recruited officers should be serious about the problems of their citizens, other police officers who have short comes in their work will also be investigated by the Ministry of the Interior soon and a serious decision will be made,” he added. “The Ministry of Interior in the center and provinces of the country has led security authorities to support security officials, while they have the support of the Ministry of the Interior, to fight decisively against unknown gun men, powerful bullies, insurgent and those who disrupt the security of the citizens.”

These people have been ousted from their positions, which has increased the level of insecurity and criminal offenses in Kabul, and every day the police arrest dozens of criminal convicts to the social and society.

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