Public health ministry has announced that in the bloodiest attack targeted civilians in PD 3 of Kabul 33 people were killed and at least 65 others got injured in this attack. Abdul Wahid Majrooh, Spokesman of Public health ministry has told media: “during this suicide attack which was in placed at 12 o clock Wednesday evening in front of Kabul university and Aliabad Hospital 33 people were killed and 65 others got injured.”

Dr. Majrooh also adds: “the collected statics from different hospitals of Kabul are as follow: 17 injured and 2 killed were carried to Istiqlal Hospital, 3 killed and 11 injured were carried to Emergency, 9 Killed were carried to Jurisprudence, 24 injured and 19 killed were carried to Aliabad Hospital, 8 injured were carried to police 300 beds and Ibne Sina Hospital. So totally we have accepted 65 injured and also 33 death bodies in Kabul governmental hospitals.”

ISK has claimed responsibility of this deathliest attack. Kabul Police commander has accepted that the forces who were responsible for security in the area has fallen in their mission and they have already introduced those Police officers who were unable to prevent this attack.

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