Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

American media have reported that US military visits with Afghan security forces have been limited since the terrorist attack occurred in Kandahar province which lasts to death of General Abdul Raziq, commander of the Kandahar police and General Momen Hussainkhail, the national directorate of the security chief in that province. In addition to the loss of the Kandahar police commander and the head of National Directorate of Security, two foreign forces high ranking officials, including an army general the United States an army general of Australia, were wounded in the incident. The Washington Post newspaper described this issue by quoting a spokesman of US army saying: “Our meetings with Afghan troops are limited after the recent attack in Kandahar, based on new security measures, we do not have the right to contact Afghan troops or at the base but they can be in our centers. Our contacts are based on mobile and email.”

Meanwhile, an Afghan security source, who did not want to be named, told the Washington Post: “After the terrorist attack in Kandahar, the Americans have limited their visits to Afghan officials, this decision is due to immunity. The lives of foreign military personnel have taken place in the country. We can go to US military bases but they are not allowed to come to our sites to check the situation and work together. ”

In the Kandahar attack, two US and Australian high ranking military personnel were also wounded. At present, US medical officials have said that the health status of General Guillaume Smiley and Australian General John Shane are satisfying, and now they are at the Walter Reed Hospital under Treatment. With all of this, former military commanders consider the assassination of General Raziq as an excuse for the Taliban and drug traffickers in Kandahar. “The murder of General Raziq was an excuse for the Taliban and drug traffickers to be able to expand their activates in Kandahar, which is the main birthplace of the Taliban in the province,” said Zemari Paikan, the former commander of Afghanistan civil and order police in a conversation with Pasbanan Media Group news Agency.

Earlier, the head of the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) had announced that General Raziq’s assassination attempt had been architected into Pakistan, and that an attacker who had fired on Afghan Afghanistan military officials and foreign forces had a phone conversation for nearly two and a half minutes and he had got the orders from that side of the border. We have been trying hard to have the Ministry of Defense’s view on this issue, but with frequent contacts, the spokesman of this ministry did not respond to our calls.

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