Officials of Habib Gulzar Non-Alcoholic Beverages Ltd. on Monday rejected the rumors that say the quality of the Nestle dairy products is low and there are toxic substances in the products. The Habib Gulzar company imports Nestle products to the country. “We reject these accusations and we want government to stop such issues against the Nestle products,” Zabihullah, operation manager of Habib Gulzar company, said.

Social media users have been posting about the toxic substances in Nestle milk and cream during recent weeks. The users ask their friends not to use the Nestle products. In addition to this, the Interior Ministry in an official letter sent to a number of government departments alarmed its departments for the existence of toxic materials in Nestle dairy products. The Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said on Monday that the letter was sent for a precaution.

“We have received the information (about the Nestle products) therefore we informed our departments about it,” Danish said. Meanwhile, deputy head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Khan Jan Alokozay, said such ‘negative propaganda’ by government will affect investment in the country. “Nestle products are known for their quality in the world. The products have no problem and no one else can produce the products using the Nestle’s name,” Alokozay said.

Habib Gulzar company meanwhile said they are planning to invest $30 million USD in the country to establish the Afghanistan branch of Nestle products. He said they will not implement their plan if the propaganda is not stopped. “We are jointly investing with Nestle in Afghanistan. We as a main partner of Nestle want to work in Afghanistan and if such accusations are not stopped, the investment may stop,” Zabihullah said. According to Gulzar company statistics, Afghanistan imports almost 40 types of Nestle products worth at least $100 million USD every year.


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