Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The Mahsa family, a six-year-old kid killed by kidnappers, said that the perpetrators of the incident should be hanged instead of being brought before the Attorney General’s Office. Mortaza’s father, Mahsa, narrates this story: “Early in the morning, my daughter Mahsa, went to the shop to buy Soda, kidnapped the two kidnappers, threw him in ruin after killing him. I call on the government to execute the horrible actors without sending them to justice and justice. ”

Meanwhile, Kabul claims that insecurity has prevented them from doing so. Abdul Wadood, one of the capital’s financiers, says: “The suffering of Mahsa is the most difficult and the biggest sadness, we have experienced this pain. Two years have passed since my brother was kidnapped, he has no news of his dead and dead. The government should not stay silent in such cases. ”

Mahsa was killed two days ago by two kidnappers, Kabul police have pledged to hand over the case to the General Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday, but no details have been provided so far.

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