Pasbanan- Kabul:

Prime minister of Germany has condemn cancelation of Iran nuclear deal by trump in a meeting of Catholic Church in Minstar city. She has said: this act of president trump is concerning and unfortunate which will messed up international order of the world. Angela Marcel said: “this is not right you are canceling an agreement which is finalized by national Security Council of United Nations by one side and it will hurt all international order.”

Madam Marcel also added: “this challenging decision of Washington will put few others in a real crisis. If anyone wants to act for its own interest so it is a bad news for global order. I will also cooperate with countries of two side of the atlantics and I will support it. Empowerment of international cooperation is needed more than ever in this world.” This high ranking politician of Germany has also said that current violence of the world is so concerning and international community must react on such issues.

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