Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

The Afghan government will hold a “Peace Consultative Loya Jirga” in Kabul in upcoming three weeks. There will be discussions about the peace talks with the Taliban and the delegates will be gathered from across Afghanistan. But in the meantime, Journalists defending agencies are urging the government to do not ignore the murder of journalists whom were killed by the Taliban in past few years during peace talks. Najib Sharifi, head of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee told Pasbanan in a Phone interview: “The most common causes of journalists killing belongs to the Taliban and ISISI-K groups, we insisted two issues during our conversation with Afghan government and officials. First, before any truce between the government and the Taliban, the armed opposition must ensure journalists they would not harmed them, and secondly, the perpetrators of the journalist’s murder must be trailed if the peace deal was successful.”

According to Mr. Sharifi, the killing of journalists by the armed opposition is deliberated, and these cases are due to political or military aspects. “Journalists are civilians, and the armed opposition has targeted them in a deliberated way,” he added.

Meanwhile, “NAI” Media support organization also wrote in a newsletter: “Freedom of expression and media achievement should not be the victim of peace talks. We are concerned about the future of the freedom of expression and the right of independent media that should be extended and that peace talks, restrictions, suspension or exclusion of the freedom of expression are inevitable. No process should lead to a limitation of these activities of the free media, and the greatest achievement of the country should not collapsed during these talks.”

Some reporters which are affected by the suicidal and explosive attacks of terrorists in Kabul also urge the government to do not sacrifice the right of martyred journalists. Ahmad Shah Azimi, one of the wounded Journalists in Shash-Darak incident of Kabul said in an interview with Pasbanan: “The targeting of journalists by terrorists in the center and provinces of the country indicates that the armed opposition will never end their actives and in line with their obligations, and the Peace Consultative Jirga would not be effect for bringing this group to the peace process. Hence, the government should not ignore the victims of journalists, and their cases should not be marginalized in talks with the Taliban. ”

According to statistics provided by the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee in 2018, at least 17 journalists and media workers were killed during terrorist attacks of insurgents. In addition, at least 15 other journalists were wounded, 21 others were tortured, 38 were threatened, 23 were abused and mistreated, one was expelled with mistreatment, five were interim detentions and one was kidnapped by the groups.

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