Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

On a hot and sunny day, a young man in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, who came on the road of the city, has been seizing the roads in Balkh with his measurement tools in hand. Khalilullah Waziri is a graduate student in the agricultural field who earned his degree from the University of Balkh but has now begun a strange and protest-stricken job to find relief from the pain of unemployment. Waziri with a tired and distressed face and with so many efforts get ready to talk with the correspondent of Pasbanan Media Group News Agency in the north and have a narrative of his painful life. A man with tall and sharp eyes narrates us for the first time from all the injustice he is suffering in his life: “My unemployment depressed me, and I was excited to get rid of this great sorrow. Therefore, I started metering the roads of Mazar-e-Sharif roads, so that I could escape this pain of unemployment which is creating illness to me day today.”

He tries to speak but spit I his throat and tears in his eyes is stopping him from further discussion with us, and the way he continues to speak to our Reporter with pride. “After graduating from the University of Mazar-e-Sharif, I tried to do something for myself, but all my efforts were unproductive and relations were the main tool for those to have a job in the government, in fact in this regime there is no gap for Meritocracy. On the one hand, the recruitment process in state institutions are on the basis of knowing someone in the high levels and relations are higher than having meritocracy, and on the other hand, this situation will make me and my likelihoods to escape from the country with disappointment and run the path to Europe with thousands of hardships.”

Khalilullah Waziri is one of the only examples of the youth unemployment and misery that he has repeatedly changed from his great suffering to his country and has occasionally been thinking of escaping from this territory; according to the statistics of Afghanistan at the present time The 60 percent of the young population in the region is living in Afghanistan which has the highest levels of workforce, but government maladministration, corruption, and bribery during the recruitment process in state institutions are the main factors specially bribing and meritocracy in the country are the key elements which give two options for young people to inherit; First escape from the country; and the second to join the ranks of the armed opposition forces.

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