Pasbanan- Kabul:

Following the resignation of former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump has been chosen Mike Pempo as his successor. At a congressional summit meeting, Mr. Pempo said that the time has not yet come to go out of Afghanistan. He added: “President Trump has a purpose to leave Afghanistan, but as long as we cannot leave the country that potential threats to our homes do not resolve the geography of that country. And the terrorist fears will not signal us again. ”

Republican Senator Paul Ryan and hard-liner opponents of Washington’s presence in Afghanistan is once again pushing for the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan. The president also said that he was committed to the mission that I outline there. It is consistent with what secretary of state has been trying to do diplomatically. It is consistent with what secretary of defense has been trying to do by supporting Afghan forces.

But the US State Department’s nominee believes that Washington should play an active role for a long time in Afghanistan. In response to Paul Rhine’s words, Mike Pempo says: “I believe that we have a continued role there, while I want to get out in the same way as you do, we are not at a place yet where it is appropriate. It has an objective of leaving, but it’s not prepared to leave until such time that we can put America in a position where we can leave (after) greatly diminishing the threat to our homeland that may emanate from there.”

The new nominee for US Department of State emphasizes the continuing presence of the United States in Afghanistan at a time, while tensions between Moscow and Washington has increased than ever before. And the worrying thing is the proliferation of battle between the two powers in Afghanistan.

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