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Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Vice President Mike Pence discussed the late unrest’s in Kabul in a telephone conversation. According to presidential palace press office newsletter, which was released on Sunday: “US vice president Mike Pence expressed his sympathy with President of Afghanistan in connection with a wave of latest unrest’s in the country and has partnered with the sad citizens of this land who suffered heavy casualties in the aftermath of the events?”

Mr. Pence emphasized in his conversation with President Ghani: “The United States and its citizens stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghan people and support the current government in the country.” “Mr. Pence continued to thank the strong leadership of president Ghani in current situation. Meanwhile president Ghani thanked Mike Pence for the commitment of United States to continue their cooperation in various fields with the citizens of Afghanistan.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said: “Late attacks in the country are similar to attacks of September 11, 2001 in which Americans were witnessing the bloodiest event and in these events, the Afghan people gave a lot of sacrifices. But these attacks make them stronger than ever before, to crush terrorists, instead of weakening the citizens of Afghanistan.” president added: “It’s time that the citizens of Afghanistan and Muslim Taliban denounce these attacks, those who do not do so, are in fact terrorists, and Afghan government will never talk to them.”

Afghan and USA officials are announcing these issues while Kabul and some other major cities in the country were witnessing a wave of massive unrest. In the past few weeks, nearly 800 Afghan and foreign citizens were killed and wounded in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks.

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