Kabul-Afghanistan (P.M.G)

Reporter: Moh. Khalid Noorzad

While in these days withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has become the headline for news coverages, the commander-in-chief of US forces in Afghanistan says their troop presence in Afghanistan is vital to US national interests.

General Scott Miller, commander-in-chief of US Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, told CNN TV on behalf of their longest war in Afghanistan, saying: The US national interest lies in this war. In response to the Afghan war on the impasse, Mr. Miller also said that the war would continue until a political solution and peace settlement is not reached. He says that none of the parties involved will be victorious in the battle.

While US efforts to bring the Taliban to the table for peace talks have changed their face and Americans are more serious than before, the US president Donald Tramp decided last week to expel more than seven thousand US troops from Afghanistan.


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