Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

A source who does not want to be identified, in an interview with the Pasbanan Media Group, says that employees of the American University of Afghanistan have robbed more than 10 million Afghanis money of those companies which are working in the logistics sector with this university. “The American University of Afghanistan has contract with more than 100 companies in various sectors,” the source added. “For several months, the university’s officials have forged an excuse to pay the money to these companies. Although the exact amount of money which has been robbed by the staff of the university is unclear and the employees of this university have escaped, it’s likely that nearly more than ten million AFNs have been robbed by employees of the university. ”

The source continues to add: “Now, contracting companies have decided to close the gates of the university in exchange for their money. Tomorrow is scheduled to protest this work. Currently, the American University has borrowed from each company from 5 to 10 million AFN, but the financial and administrative authorities of this university excuse us.” We did not succeed with many efforts to communicate with the officials of the American University of Afghanistan. This university is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Afghanistan and is taught in various parts of the country.

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