Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The third day of the Ramadan holy month, silence, and everyone is busy with their daily routines. At 11:40 minutes AM, of Wednesday morning, the silence breaks, and the horror fights everyone all together. A day ago, five attackers using two cars full of explosives entered one of the most infamous and most protected places in Kabul, launching a terrible deadly event. In the first place, a vehicle filled with explosive materials targets the entrance gate of the Counterpart NGO, which targets the American institution. Then, 5 insurgents enter the building with heavy and light equipment’s and try to kill all the employees of the agency.

While Counterpart guards have lost a few colleagues in this bloody attack but, they still have the most difficult missions to keep all staff members in safe areas so that their bloodthirsty strikers do not reach the staff of this department. Now this horrible event has been spent for hours, millions of Afghans have been caused financial lose along with civilian casualties. Even the houses that foreign offices had rented on this site was damaged to a degree, and it seems very difficult to repair it again. “It was at least $ 30,000 worth of damage to my house,” said Hazratullah, who owns one of these buildings owners.

Some other locals say that the incident was due to the negligence of the security authorities of the Counterpart Office. “In the last week, I witnessed the presence of suspicious people around the building,” said Aziz-U-din, who was in the same place. I often shared this concern with the security authorities of the Counterpart administration. But the security officials of the administration were negligent until today all the families and houses that are near the building have been badly damaged, something that is very angry for us. ”

The Taliban launched a call for the unification of the National Unity Government for a ceasefire in Ramadan by launching a terrorist attack on the Counterpart Foundation. But the attack has raised a lot of questions about how suicide attackers can reach one of the safe places in the capital?

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