Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The country’s education minister attended a news conference this morning to talk about publishing of 1.9 million religious books. Mr. Mirwais Balkhi says they have created new mechanism to oversee religious schools. According to him, “The Ministry of Education, in its new educational year, is trying to create a precise monitoring system for schools and institutions that provide general education. Unfortunately, insecurity has caused most of us not to take care of religious schools carefully, but most religious schools are trying to improve the curriculum of religious education in the country by using their own monitoring system. ”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Mr. Balkhi, added that “1.9 million religious books will be printed for the first time in the country and in cooperation with one of the domestic printing houses within 4 months.” The advantage of these books are that they would be printed in high quality inside Afghanistan, so that the religion school’s student can use it well. We expect the books to be of good quality in the realm of quality and to be used in the long run. ”

Meanwhile, the succeeded company who has won the project, pledged that these books will be of great quality. Mr. Sarwar Saadat adds: “Since these books will be printed with hard covers, we wanted to do a fundamental work in Afghanistan, we are trying to offer the best quality to keep our citizens happy in Afghanistan.”

Mr. Balkhi continues to emphasize that the Afghan government will work hard to improve the country’s educational situation, and it will focus on strengthening educational services in religious schools.

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