Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Imam Khorasani

Editing: Mohammad din Agharkhail

While Afghanistan is still facing serious challenges in the field of E-governance management in the 21st century, the Telecommunications and Information Technology (ICT) minister has just announced that after this all government positions would be announced by using the regular portal system.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobi said at the ceremony of opening Asan Khedmat job seeking portal by this ministry. From now on, customers do not need to waste their time or go to various websites for seeking jobs. Mr. Aryobi added: “By creating a specific account, each person does not need to make a new account as a job seeker for multiple times to apply for a position, because the system automatically identifies the applicant’s information and gives it to government agencies.»

The minister continues to emphasize that the system can provide more opportunities for women. Though thousands of young Afghans cannot be tasked with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from domestic and foreign universities every year, a case that has led to the brain drain from the country.

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