Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Ministry of Education has published a newsletter: Due to the presence of female students in schools in the distant parts of the country, over 30,000 female teachers will be hired in the next five years.

Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, head of the Ministry of Education, added: Women’s participation in the education sector will increase, and in his message on the occasion of the Women’s Day, said: “The recruitment of a lady as part of the development of the Ministry of Education, in the management bundles, the transfer of all teacher education departments to women, 50% Women, and the name of all schools in the name of women can be called the most important programs of the Ministry of Education. ”

Mr. Balkhi adds: “Women, like men, can achieve their basic, human, Islamic, and tactful rights.” The ministry is committed to taking steps to promote balanced and non-gender-based education services.

While the Ministry of Education announces recruiting thirty thousand female teachers during the next five years, 3.7 million children are outside the school, of which seventy percent are girls.

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