Pasbanan- Kabul:

The country’s air forces daily conduct one hundred flights to carry out air strikes on the positions of terrorist groups. Mohammad Radmanish, the head of the Defense Ministry spokesman’s office, told domestic media that the country’s air forces are completing more than one hundred support and transfer flights, each day and daily for targeting insurgent positions from 8 to 12 times they are carrying Airstrikes.

Meanwhile, Defines Minister -General Tariq Shah Bahrami and Interior Minister Wais Ahmed Barmak, two days ago, traveled to Paktia province, headed by General John Nicholson, the resolute support commander in Afghanistan. “Our message to your enemies is that the international community is in Afghanistan and will be, and the enemies of this country will not survive the battle,” said Mr. Nicholson. Meanwhile, Tariq Shah Bahrami added: “Afghan defense and security forces can defend and protect their country and its people.”

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