Pasbanan- Kabul:

Defense and Interior ministries of Afghanistan has announced in a press conference that Taliban attack on Farah center is magnified by some circles in Farah and also Afghanistan capital. Najeeb Danish Interior ministry spokesman told media: “currently Afghan police special forces 444 unit is in Farah and they are deployed from Kandahar to this province and also Army commandos are on their way to Farah. There are some Antithesis reports about Farah Police commander and also security head of this province that they are killed in action. Currently security chief of Farah is a little bit injured and Police commander is busy in the fight with Taliban some ware around the city.”

Meanwhile, Mohammad Radmanish deputy spokesman of Defense ministry has told media that right now supportive forces are in Farah and until late today the security situation will change. Mr. Radmanish added: “in Farah, we have our forces and currently more forces will be deployed in the area and right now clashes have been accelerated between two sides. I can assure you all that our security forces have their own equipment’s and they are standing to fight Taliban. Right now the fight is carried out in the north of the city and we are pretty sure that inshallah today we will win the war from enemy and security situation will change very soon.”

At the same time, the interior ministry says: they have learned from several time fall down of Kunduz and we are sure that Farah situation will not be same as Kunduz. Interior ministry spokesman also urged the international community to support Afghan security and defense forces because they are standing on behalf of the international community in the war against terrorism.


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